PlotWave 750

Productive wide format black & white print/copy/scan system with color scanning

Key Product Highlights

  • 9 D-size drawings per minute print speed
  • Advanced networking, security, and usability options
  • Maximum input capacity – up to 6 media rolls for over 10,000 sq. ft. of uninterrupted printing
  • One-step scan/copy, color copy capability and scanner presets for common settings
  • Eco-design – lowest energy usage, noise level, and ozone emission in its class

Radiant Fusing

High-quality printing, short print times


About Radiant Fusing

A large format printer that does not consume unnecessary electricity in standby mode and is still ready to use within seconds? With Radiant Fusing technology, you can achieve both. With instant-on printer availability and virtually no warm-up time, the eco-friendly Radiant Fusing technology consumes less energy, realizes shorter print times and produces less noise and ozone compared to other toner based large format printing systems. Radiant Fusing: consistent quality – year after year, print after print.

Radiant Fusing combines short print times with high-quality output. With our Radiant Fusing technology, you can have it all: speed, productivity, high quality and energy savings.

Large Format Scanning Solutions


  • Fast, crisp and sharp scans of regular and oversized documents up to 44” width
  • Leading image technology with Contex CleanScan CIS modules
  • Superfast Ethernet and award-winning Nextimage Software
  • IQ Quattro 4490 offers scan speeds of up to 14”/second for both b/w and color prints
  • Fit for multi-site network
  • Optical resolution: 1,200 dpi / Maximum resolution: 9,600 dpi
  • Nextimage software included
  • Cloud Enabled




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